By means of a thorough Medical Questionnaire and a Physical Examination, points to be addressed will be identified while both patient and physician exchange information about illnesses and solutions and what best suits the patient Physically and Medically.

Alterations of the Pelvic Organ positions like Uterus, Cervix, Bladder, Rectum are sometimes altered due loss of their supportive structures (Ligaments, Muscles, Fascias) they cannot overcome their own weight creating anatomical alterations.

The great majority of patients suffer at a given moment of their adult life:

  1. Flaccid vagina
  2. Vaginal Deliveries Scars
  3. Involuntary Loss of Urine
  4. Himenplasty
  5. Labiaplasty
  6. Perineoplasty
  7. Cystocele
  8. Rectocele
  9. Enterocele
  10. Genital Prolapse

This alterations or "Repairs" not related to Aesthetics are a consequence of:

  1. Aging
  2. Vaginal Deliveries
  3. Obesity
  4. Increased Intra Abdominal Pressure
  5. Smokers
  6. Asthmatics
  7. Collagen Diseases
  8. Chronic Urinary Tract Infections
  9. Hormonal Deficiency

The Objectives of these surgeries are:

  1. Increase the Muscle Tone on the vaginal walls
  2. Reinforce the "Pelvic Diaphragm"
  3. Reinforce the Perineum
  4. Excise unwanted scars post vaginal deliveries wich could lead to painful intercourse.
  5. Recreate Virginity (Pasty of the Hymen)
  6. Correct protrusion of the Labia Minora (wich discomforts both female and male while intercourse, as they protrude in and out of the vagina)
  7. Correct Stress Incontinence of Urine (Involuntary Loss of Urine)
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