Labiaplasty (also labioplasty)

A more complicated technique preserves some of the outer, dark brown skin, by removing more of the internal skin.

Labia Reduction
Labia minora – inner lip

You can decide about the size of your labia yourself. However, it is important to remember the biological function of the labia minora. They protect the vaginal orifice when spreading the thighs. Therefore, over correction is best avoided. A short protective rim of labia is usually left in place, covered by the greater lips.

During the procedure, the inner lips of the vulva are reduced or made to look more symmetric. Although the procedure is usually aesthetic, in order to improve vaginal self-image, it may also be indicated because of pain during intercourse, cyc1ing or sport.

Sometimes abnormalities need to be corrected such as severe overgrowth, asymmetry or scarring. We focus on the aesthetic appeal of the labia minora. Scars are minimal and normally only visible to the trained eye. Sensitivity is normally not interfered with: psychological and relational components of dysfunctional vaginal experience can neither be caused, nor treated by surgery.

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